Saturday, February 13, 2010

Buggy enhancements kill character :(

UPDATE: It was the fault of the Turbine Updater. Turbine fixed the bug. All is well :)

My character is bugged. I've stopped playing him until Turbine fixes the bug.

The problem is that the Spellsinger enhancement class isn't available. Not that I haven't met a prereq or something. Spellsinger doesn't exist as far as my character is concerned. The other bard prestige classes (virtuoso and warchanter) show up on the list as unavailable but the Spellsinger prestige class is missing completely. :(

I've submitted some bug reports but I doubt that Turbine will ever fix it. DDO seems like a good game but one where the bugs are fixed infrequently (if ever!) I mean, I do enjoy DDO but I've never played a buggier game and this latest update has made the game less stable for me. I get crashes from solid fog now (a bug since day one) and there's lag in the harbor. The ice games got closed for bugs, and so on.

I hope that it's just Turbine getting back into the swing of things but to be honest it's shaken my long term hopes for DDO.

Monday, February 8, 2010

[Gwylan's Blade] Too fragile

So, I don't know what the deal is with the G-Blade but it always gets damaged. I bound it to char to spare myself the heartbreak of permadamage. But seriously, it's annoying to have it be the only thing in my inventory to be all busted up whenever I finish a quest. I'm looking into doing an adamantine ritual to make it durable. From what I can tell, Ademantine ore is found in the stormsomething mines in the anvil fire inn in house D. I tried soloing it but trying to fight all the monarch scorpions. Do-able but not in a fun way. I'll be back with my peeps.

My first time: *THE PIT*

I heard THE PIT is an impossibly difficult cluster-flumph of a dungeon -- the sort of thing that only inmates running an asylum would cook up.
And yeah, I died twice. Both times it was an impossibly long fall into a deep chasm. (I don't know if I've mentioned it on this blog but DDO has the best use of vertical spaces ever. Try diving to the base of the water tower in the third part of STK and tell me that isn't creepy!) Anyway, I died twice by falling the farthest I've ever fallen in any game AND landing in hot lava AND ALSO huge oozes.
But both times I got rescued, and I was able to help out by charming the super-trogs and casting feather fall and detect door at opportune moments.
Anyway, I had a blast. I'm definitely looking forward to running THE PIT again. And this time I'm not leaving without my MuckDOOM.

Alert! Bard-honor besmirched!

"A Bard? Bards are l33+ /sarcasm" Now you've done it. Now it's ON!
I turned Archer-point into a sea of purple hatted fratricide. To my brothers in arms I was permahaste incarnate. But woe and normal speed betide all who eschewed my bardly commands to gather 4 haste.

Now that said, I'm glad I didn't run into a scorpion because I've got basicaly nothing on scorps, spiders and oozes. But in Archer point there's nothing I can't do.

Oh, and due to a slight miscommunication I finished out before they tackled the optional. (They had a TPK save one  without me! :p)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

G-blade! [Gwylan's stand]

I got G-blade! It's a fairly common named item that drops in Gwylan's Stand but it has a unique feature. It has a +2 enhancement bonus to perform. Notice that it's an *enhancement* bonus so it stacks with everything except another G-blade.
Also, it's a longsword so my Drow weapon prof covers it. :D

Monday, February 1, 2010

Otto's resistable dance

I joined a pickup group for part 4 of Waterworks. Everyone seemed really happy with my bard. In big fights, I'd try to time it so that my warsong would proc right when we hit the battle lines. Then I'd leap over the battle line (I'm not much of a jumper but kobolds are easy to leap over) and chase down the casters, ogres, or even an orange name! My party would run up behind me taking care of the dancers and saving the facinated mobs 'til last. 

At level four, I'm thinking of getting sleep. Sleep works against hit dice so it won't be useful against higher level content but sleep makes the mobs fall unconcious and unconcious means they receive auto crits. Sleep is a one  hit Hold monster.