Friday, December 30, 2011

"We are tired of waiting for a trapper, so we accepted you instead" they said.

"We are tired of waiting for a trapper, so we accepted you instead" they said.

Actualy, it was really cool. We snuck past the VON3 traps with tactics -- stand against this door and run through it before the trap gets you. Stand very very far away from that door and then go through later. Our stunt-warforged died at each door, but the rest of us were fine until the very last trap.

(Spoilers, obviously)

Endgame: Our supposedly "safe" corner got zapped hard enough to kill everyone but me, the Cleric and someone else. I used my big heal, unyielding Soverignty, to come back from the brink of death. I sprinted forward to buy some time for the Cleric. But the Inevitable ran right past me. Then my Intimidate caught his attention and he came back to fight me. My armor, defensive buffs and all that seemed to be holding.

But then the Inevitable stunned me. I couldn't move, couldn't self-heal, couldn't stop the Inevitable from killing our Cleric.

I can't cast raise dead until I level up so I was stuck with what we had on hand. The Inevitable moves fast and kills quickly. Now there are only three of us. The warforged healer, the necromancer and me. I can't heal the necro so I toss a Lay on Hands at the Warforged, he survives but gets tagged again and runs into the other room to self heal.

The Inevitable chases him, runs past me, and then spins around to fight me instead. My intimidate worked! The warforged caster takes his sweet time healing up, and I get blinded. Apparently, DDO blindness has been upgraded from black screen to white screen. Totaly cooler too.

According to the focus orb, the Inevitable has no HP left! I can't see, but I can tell that I'm losing hitpoints quickly and that my self-heals are still working. A few times I feel confident that my HP are high enough and I take a few swings with my force damage axe. I deal a bit of damage, but strangely the no-HP Inevitable doesn't die! Is it bugged? It should be dead! DIE DIE DIE!

Finaly, my vision clears and the metal giant crashes to the ground with the groan of defeated metal. The Warforged caster posts the killing blow and brags about it. I don't care, I'm just glad we won.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I ran Tempest Spine again. :)

I got 4th place on the killcount list, which is pretty good for a character with +0% striding boots. I spent most of the quest chasing the group.

But fear not, my level 12 gear is much nicer.

Monday, December 19, 2011


So, I got banned by a self-avowed female and it was super wierd. She banned me in all caps, and with a sort of stilted formal language that reminded me of WWII documentaries about the horrors of the concentration camps.

Am I missing something? I don't play WoW but I know they have even more dramaz than Khyber. Is there some sort of geeky subculture where they complain in Nurenberg-esque language?

Edit: For clarification I should say that the ban she gave me was that I would "henceforth never again be allowed to group with her" and that she would tell the whole server about my infamy. I didn't get for-real-banned. :)

Friday, December 2, 2011

TR: Gearing a Failadin

Today I made the transition from easy lowby quests to the cool quests with a splat.

I ran Haywire's Foundry on Elite on my level 10 Paladin. I couldn't hit anything, but boy could they hit me!

But since I was failing so spectacularly, I took a long hard look at my gear. I've been so excited about Greensteel and Subterrane raid loot I haven't bothered to upgrade or replace the stuff I crafted 3 levels ago.

So anyway, I currently have four weapon sets. I use my skeleton beaters on almost everything since the Holy does 2d6 to anything evil, I use a set of Muckdoom & Muckbane for slimes and rusties, Dwarven thrower for marksmanship and foreverything else there's force damage from my Antique Greataxe.

So, you can see how all those warforged and construct dogs were virtualy 100% me-proof. Lucky for me I found that I had pulled a clay gollum beater out of my TR bank. It's a nightforged Warhammer, +5 adamantine and perfect for the quest. I tried pairing it with a skelleton beater, but I got more benefit from using a shield. Trading a to-hit penalty for a bit of AC was nice. I even managed to pull aggro on some of the warforged, including the boss.

But mostly I just drank heal pots and wand whipped. I went through 80 CSW pots and 160 CSW wand charges. At the end of the quest I was totaly out of everything. No lay on hands, no unyielding soverenty, no cure pots, no cure wands, no mana.... nothing! And then I on the escape run I grabbed a soulstone out of a trap and got slain by the trap myself.

Oh how I want my Greensteel and raidloot!