Saturday, May 28, 2011

Champions Online MMO

My friend asked me to try CO. I asked him to try DDO.

I like CO's cosmetics system. There are lots of of options to make goofy looking toons with bright and bold colors. The noobs were arrayed in all colors but ebony and crimson was an especialy popular color combo.

The wilderness zones remind me of Grand Theft Auto in a good way, lots of themed neighborhoods sectioned off by surreal vertical barriers.

But after being away for a week, I saw DDO with fresh eyes. DDO graphics really shine! My Plate of the Defender, which I have long decried as the ugliest armor ever, never looked so good. I also like that DDO's humanoid models look good and move responsively with a convincing walk cycle.

CO plays like Kobold Assault. In any given area, all the baddies are wimpy clones, but still dangerous because they respawn so quickly. There's no traps and no hazards (like drowning, scalding steam pipes, or death by lava) so you can run around killing and collecting with impunity. It lacks the same quality of player-environment interaction that a good DDO level has.

The difference between F2P models is eye-opening. CO is essentialy offering a demo. Both games allow you to level up to cap on f2p content, but DDO lets you build your character, whereas CO only has pre-built archetypes for you to test drive.

I don't imagine that I'll play CO long term unless they offer a non-subscription way to build your own character. I might start up a few more free accounts so I can make up more superhero costumes.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Epic loot discussion

I was gonna jump into those threads about reballancing Epic loot, but the stuff I care about hasn't come up yet. There's no Dwarf Axe conversations going on, and none of the Epic! items are particularly Tempest rangery. I do enjoy hearing about how other people value Epic! loots.

Currently I can't think of ANY epic item that I want enough to farm. So I'm just working on greensteel at the moment.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Or wherein I totaly noob up Epic VoN6.

It's my first time so the leader of the PuG sets out a bunch of ground rules. Me and the other evasion guys are going to prep the fire base. No problem, I've done this many times before on lesser difficulties. We zone in and buff. Our leader shouts "EVERYONE go to the firebase and take down the Djin!"

This was new to me a Djin? Really? But Every but everyone ran to fire base like it was part of the plan. When we got there the bard cast facinate on the fire elementals. Suddenly, the fire elementals were NOT facinated and they started spewing fire everywhere and people started dying -- FAST!

Now normaly when someone dies I use my pos/pos greensteel to give them a raise dead. But there's so much fire and death going on I decide to the real healers cast True Res so the poor sponges have a chance to survive.

Things go badly, and it looks to me like it's gonna be a TPK, I fail an evasion save and see for the first time how Epic! this firestorm is. 300 HP gone in one shot, leaving me a mere 200 HP away from death.

By this time there's only four survivors and the field is littered with soul stones. The monk was almost dead and the healers were fighting a losing battle to get everyone alive again.

I got hit again, and had to self heal. Now I realize that I can't keep this up forever. I panic, I gotta do something NOW, but what?

I try to remember the plan. The bard will facinate the elementals. Don't hit them. Take down the Djin.

Aha! That's it! The other melee guy is running away from the Djin but I've got my full healthbar back. I toss him some heals but he's still too scared to finish our mission -- take down the Djin!

It's up to me! Only I can save the raid! With my lightning dwarf axe raised in defiance I charge and deftly destroy the devilish djin!

But even after it's dead the fire elementals are still unfacinated and too dangerous for me to hang out with. So I kill them too, or at least die trying.

In retrospect, it was the fault of that other guy for using a shield and dwarf axe and de-facinating all the fire elementals in the first place.

But even so, I should have known better. I should have kept the golden rules of DDO. Don't touch it, don't open it, don't kill it unless you know what you're doing!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Tempest Jackpot!

I got my Tower of Despair ring (Kilau's Band) and pulled a Shimmering Arrowhead on the same day! I pulled the arrowhead on my third Weapons Shipment run, and then my very next quest was ToD where I was the only one to roll on it (I was the only Tempest III).

Now I've got an extra +5 to hit, 1d4 slashing damage with melee weapons and crippling applied to ranged attacks.