Saturday, September 4, 2010

New char: Twinkyzerger

So I've named my Turbine Point farmer "Twinkyzerger" in hopes of attracting vet TRs who want to escape Korthos ASAP. If nothing else, it will scare away the noobs who hate me and my 60,000 plat worth of twinky gear:

+1 Pure Good greataxe of flames. Only a tiny bit better than the starter axe.

+2 Adamantium Full Plate. This is great because so much Korthos stuff only hits for 3 points of damage but still interupts opening doors and pulling levers.

+3 returning throwing axe. For slimes. I don't want those grey oozes anywhere near my gear.

70 cure light wounds. I don't use them that often on the Korthos stuff, but I often get sidetracked by some group doing a higher level quest that I fondly remember and need heals for.

The Epic content in DDO is on sale.

So I've been enjoying running around as a level 20 ranger with a two level fighter dip, but I've got no Epic content. I've been finishing off the last couple of points of favor to buy Vale of Night when suddenly... there's a sale on VoN!!!

Now my only hope of snagging that sweet sweet 25% discount is somehow getting the last 75 turbine points before the sale ends. I've been speed-running Korthos for TP, but I don't think I can make it at this rate. The other option is to grind four points of favor on my Wizard, but whenever I log in Sarlona is dead dead dead, and anyway that character has already done leet for everything in sight.

It's gonna be realy close either way.