Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pre-order review: Spider mask (non elite)

News to me: the spider mask can be worn on top of my regular helmet. My main wears a GS ConOp (Green Steel Concordant Oposition, it regenerates mana and hp) it's essential to my self healing paladin (and in previous life, ranger). The GS con op helmet powered healing is so handy, I've planned all previous present and future TRs around it.

So... When I bought the pre-order I didn't know i could wear it with the helm. Imagine my surprise! Not only does the skill boni to cha skills stack, I can also have the appearance of the spider helm instead of the Alien visage of the GS helm.

So far, I'm not only satisfied but also pleasantly surprised with the MotU mask.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Interrupting wife proves DDO is nonstop adventure.

DDO is 100% fun. I statistically interpolated the percentage of fun with my wife's interruptions as my randomizer. The null hypothesis is "there are dull moments in DDO."

Time Randomized observations:

Observation 1. Recovering from near party wipe. Intimitanking Hezaru and Reavers away from the pile of soulstones, casting raise dead at the healer. Excitement 100%

Observation 2. Soloing Pray on the Hunter. Just stepping into the maze, starting the timer. Urgency 100%.

Observation 3. In VoN5 pull the lever countdown. Odds of secretly piking = 0.001%

Observation 4. Waiting for two stragglers at the VoN6 dragon door threshold. Chance of getting locked out while oggling at new purchases = 100%

Conclusion: we reject the null hypothesis. There is never a dull moment in DDO.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

I'm back. What to buy?

So I took some time away from DDO. I was getting terrible lag all the time and couldn't enjoy it. But now my comp is tuned up and DDO is first in line for my $100 hobby fund.

A cousin showed me SWOTR and CO but it just Reminded me how much better DDO is.

If I don't buy the DDO pack I'm looking at donations to political causes or saving up for a new luxury watch or new computer. All good stuff, but DDO is the most affordable for sure.