Friday, March 11, 2011


I've played this game ever since it went free to play (F2P) I've been rewarded with free Turbine points. I've bought Halls of Shan to Kor, Delera's Tomb, Vault of Night, Gianthold, Vale of Twilight and Devils of Shavrath all without spending so much as a penny of real world money. By Gygax it's been fun! But that's all behind me now I've found something even better. Goodbye DDO F2P, and hellooo DDO P2P!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Plans: True Reincarnate

I'm looking forward to TRing with an odd mix of joy and trepidation. I'm really looking forward to hitting the mid level quests again and getting a break from the High Level content where everything has too many hitpoints, but I also remember how difficult the grind was around level 15, and all the Greensteel I want to farm, and I wonder if I should get another level 20 on Orien before I TR. I'm leaning towards getting a third slot so I can have a lowby favor farmer. I like the lowbie quests and they're quick enough that I can play through when I have a spare moment.