Monday, July 11, 2016

 Daktini tacbots. 

Notable re-sculpting:
New heads: 
I'm very happy with my new serpent-faced bug-eyed talbot heads because they look wiser and sneakier than the default. The eyes are HUGE so they'll give me a canvas to try NMM. They have no mouths, which fits with them being the automatons of Aleph. 

New gun-safety protocol: 
I converted my Daktini takbots never point their gun-arms at anything they don't want to destroy. I like that they look like they mean business in a Ghost in the Shell sort of way, not in a guns blazing sort of way. 

Decommissioned codpiece: 
The one on the left is fixed, the other two will be on the chopping block soon. 

I'm enjoying the miniatures, totally unlike the squat GW minis that I'm used too. Please let me know what you think of the changes. 

We're from Section 9, not Section Gangsta.

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